Written by lajo


  1. blossom83

    Manoo they make thothal in my place. Miss that so much. They make vatlappam, Idiyappa biryani all srilankan recipes but in a different method.

  2. Manoo

    hi iam looking for a kidda food. Ppl use a kindda batter like idli batter. But they steam it with much gingelly oil and fried mustard seeds, jeeragam & curry leave… They steam it like steaming pudding… I tried with idli batter but it didnt work… Do u kno tat…

      1. Manoo

        Do we steam kuli paniyaram?Surprised We use those small small kuli kal to make it na. This one they boil water first, then put some idli batter with other ingredients in a silver tiffin box, cover it tight, keep the COVERED BOX on a idli tattu and steam it. It looks like thothal. Do you know thothal. I have not seen it in India.

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