Dahi Cutlet

Written by lajo


  1. priyasudha

    Hi latha..very tempting dish..was searching for kattameeta chutney..just got it from ur list..as i rarely had chaat items..this dish is very new to me..thanks

  2. Suganswami

    I can say this is the highlight of all your recipes. Wow! what a crispy golden brown texture. Remember my recipe request… So tempting, Latha… Appreciations a million…

  3. latha.mn

    So again going to try “GULAB JAMUN CURRY” when it as not comes well .Manoo not tired of jamun my goodness just now finished those 50 jamuns….. anyways after trying, submit that recipe with pictures,even I will try my hand on it

    1. Manoo

      No Latha, its not like that. I am really sick of jamuns RITE NOW. (Btw, I didnt finish those 50:(( My frnds finished more than 3/4 of it) But, if you give me some jamuns after a week or two, I would finish it in a min. I luv jamuns. Specially the syrup. ha ha. I always get jamuns from a special frnd.

      The first time I failed when I tried to make ghee from butter. I was depressed for a small thing. This is the second thing. I really want to find what is that jamun kofta curry.  

      Roz maami (feel bad to mention her as maid as she is like another mom) & myself try new things when I was in school. Amma nvr stops us. Moreover, she gives tips. You will get the best food even if u knock our door late night like 1am. The way mom showed interest in cooking dragged me into the kitchen. Guess, tats why Iam so eager to try & share recipes. Mullai, pls give a try if I fail to find out that j.k.curry

    1. Manoo

      Oh Latha,

      I tried this… But uthikkuchu…

      (1)Could felt sweatness of jamuns 

      (2) The jamuns didnt absorb the gravy so I let it cook for 2 or 3 mins. but they broke into pieces. It gave weird taste finally… Thank god I tried in veeeeeeeeeery small amount. 3 jamuns & a cup of curd. If I have not added other stuff, I would have added some sugar & given a new name for that – curd jamuns.

      I think I was wrong 2 try it when I was tired. Still, I feel tired as we didnt slp at all for almost a month. Will give a try again soon. Next month only I can get jamuns. Now I cant be bothered travellin 3 hrs (up & down) for just few jamuns :(((


  4. Manoo

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Latha, Exams over…. I wanted to try the jamun curry, but I couldnt keep shut so I told my frnds that I am goin to try this. They begged me not to try new things & torture them (so mean – whatever I tried came well & they enjoyed) ANyway, they finished my jamuns hehe… Just imagine ppl who hate jamuns finishing them. Still I got very few jamuns. Gonna give a try tmw. Will let u kno the results soon.

    1. Manoo

      Dear Latha,

      Thnx for ur wishes… Preparin well… But Spendin sometime on spiceonline is a kindda relaxation… So have not stopped visitin it. You & sujatha also doin great job like mullai mam… Carry on…Cheers


  5. latha.mn

    Dear Manoo, Dont put it in freezer. I can give one more idea,I saw this in one of tv channel only.

     Jamun kofta curry:

     Take only the jamuns not syrup in a bowl pour some water and microwave for 2 to 3 min remove(this is done to remove the sweetness) the jamuns and keep it separate.Now heat a kadai pour some oil heat put some jeera then add onions fry add some ginger garlic paste saute put some crushed tomatoes saute add some chilli powder,turmeric powder,coriander powder mix add some water or milk or curd(while adding milk or curd see that flame is reduced and stir contiously or it will get curdled) ,add some cashew paste mix,if the curry is too thick add some water finally add the jamuns and switch off the gas and garnish with coriander leaves, fried cashews. Hope u and ur friends enjoy this and ur jamuns dosent get wasted .


    1. Manoo

      Hi Latha,

      Thnx for the reply. Yea sure I will give a try & let u kno the result….. But, those jamuns shld not get fungus b4 15th as  I only finish exams on that day. Exams already started :(( Waiting to try the rest as well….



  6. Manoo

    Hi Latha,
    Jamuns are fine till now…Its almost 10days… I am thinkin to put half of them in freezer… will it spoil the taste… 40 more to finish :(:(:( Iam sick of jamuns now…

    I Luv this potato stuff… I have seen a kindda stuff in Jaya TV samayal prog. They called it potato vadai… But they add some poddu kadali flour… Will try this as it looks yummy…. I have to wait til 15th as I got year end exam grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..

    We srilankan also have potato cutlet, but different one… I need to post them instead of yelling here…. Sorry just excited to see this… But, Will do during my vacation… as I have nothing to do :):):)

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