Curried Moong Sprouts

Written by Mullai

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  1. kaviarun

    Hi Mullai,
    Yesterday I tried this recipe with moong dal sprouts.It came out good.Thanks for the healthy recipe.

    Now i’m having salad with moong dal sprouts . planned to make sprouts every week.Wt else can i sprout? Give me some idea about lentils.Thanks.

    1. Mullai


      You can do this without sprouting. Soak the whole Moong beans overnight and then cook with enough water until they turn soft but firm and then follow the above recipe.

  2. hemeetha

    Hi Mullai,
    Need tips to prevent bad smell form the sprouts. Actually, whenever I tried to make moong dal sprouts, It smells bad. the smell is so offensive. I wanted to try this recipe… started it thrice and ended up in bad smelling sprout. Please give me your expert tips to fix the problem.
    Thanks a lot!!!!

    1. Visitor

      Just soak the bean overnight,drain all the water and just place them in a colander .Sprinkle fresh water everytime you see it going dry. You’ll see sprouts the next day. I don’t have muslin cloth and I just keep them in colander and get nice sprouts without any bad smell.Just steam them along with finely diced baby carrots,red ,yellow and green bell peppers and corn .sprinkle some salt and a little lemon juice,you’ll get a delicious salad.

  3. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai.. I prepare the same dish with black eyed bean,haven't tried making with sprouts yet..Got to try..Too many recipes coming over from ur end..Hats off Mullai..It takes quiet a long time for me to post one single recipe..Anyway's shall get back to u with broccoli results first.


    Radha Arvindh 

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