Creme Caramel

Written by blossom83


  1. blossom83

    No problem Sugan…. top Cool whip when u make Jell-O. Cool whip won't go well with this I guess. We use only when someone brings it from abroad As we don't get it in India. U can top it for trifle too. trifle is made with layering sponge cake, fruits, custars, jell-o. then top with cool whip.

  2. Manoo

    actually iravirava we sat & made it.. we used microwave as didnt have proper silver vessel to use for steaming…. caramel koncham comdeya anga inga thitu thita irunthuthu.. but taste was SUPERBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!! gonna try very often till i get fed up with it or you post a new recipes.. .thanks ya….

  3. Manoo

    hiiii, how did u post the thumbnail.. like tat post at the end… but select the preview option not the thumbnail.. ok… will luv it.. coz its sweet…. i LUV SWEETS… he he…

    1. Suganswami

      Thanks  a million, blossom…Warm welcome for the first recipe…You mentioned about coolwhip topping… Can we do that for this one?…Will definitely try and let you know…

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