Cornflour Halwa

Written by S.Priya

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  1. Ayubkhan

    Somebody asked about the raw smell of the halwa.Better just dry saute (maavai kadaile varuthidunga)the flour before using.The raw smell will disappear.
    Really a nice one.
    Keep on trying new receipes in corn flour,as a business man i am trying to introduce corn flour in south Tamilandu.

  2. shakthi.asuri

    hi priya, i tried this yesterday. like u said, its easy and pretty fast to make. its was exactly the same as in ur was good. but while eating it had a very mild raw flavour of the corn flour. it was ignorable. but illama irundha innum nanna irundhirukum. Any suggestions?

    1. S.Priya

      Adding hot ghee will helps u to avoid those raw flavour of the corn flour..instead of adding directly ghee, heat them n add them little by little while making halwa..this helps to cook a bit the corn flour n u wont even have that mild raw smell too..i didnt happened to me that y i didnt mentioned it.. i think its depends upon the quality of flour..

  3. kaviarun

    priya! i tried halwa y’day….taste was good but it came bit sticky(kozha kozhnu). I don’t know what mistake i did…thanks.

  4. m.viji

    priya halwa nalla vantathu. ratio also perfect.. halwa softa, pattu pola irunthathu. really i thank u for sharing such a receipe.

  5. Sudharavi

    Hi priya,

    very yummy jelly thinny mouth watery sugary whity coloury corny “HALWY”. Nice presentation. Hope it will become my Favourite delicious Dessert.Thank u priya,U are rocking,u made my day,Have a nice day.


    Hi, your thinking is different and also very nice, I want to know cornflour won't give the hardness to halwa, becuase if we are using cornflour in cutlet and all it will give little hardness,

    When will you use the ghee  

    Pl. clear my doubt. regards

    1. priyasudha

      Thanks a lot not at all, cornflour wont give hardness, while cooking they turn transparent n jelly like aspect..once they turns jelly, pour the ghee to the halwa..hope i would have cleared ur doubt..

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