Chinese Egg Rolls

Written by mercyusha


  1. Neetu

    Hi Mercy,
    Really good work. I have tried this last weekend and it has come out very well. Same taste and texture as in restaurants. Goes well with sweet and sour sauce. Thanks a lot for your awesome recipe. Going to try your pizza this week.

  2. bhuvi

    Hi mullai
    This is quite easy…I never knew we can make the rolls this way…making the batter and then frying is a good idea.

  3. Suji

    Hi Mercy, planning to do egg rolls this weekend, hunting for bean sprouts and water chestnut. Very healthy recipe, but deep frying…. Anyways gotto try this, bcos I luv egg rolls. In restaurants 2 egg rolls 4$, but if we prepare at home, unlimited egg rolls with very less investment. Thanks a ton for your effort. Will post the result soon.

  4. Visitor

    Hi Mercy,

    your recipes are too good. I love those egg rolls in chinese and thai restaurants. Surely, I’ll give a try.


  5. Visitor

    I have been searching for a long time for this egg roll recipe. Very nice presentation. Will try and let u know the result. Thanks

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