Christmas cake

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. Suganswami

    So, you celebrated this Xmas with this cake. Right, viji? You gave a suggetion to soak the dry ones in fruit juice..can it be any juice?

    1. Vijitha

      Sugan any juice is fine.. People used to soak fruits in RUM for best results. But i don't use that.. Just apple juice is also fine..VIJI

  2. nishakarthik

    hai viji i never thought of making cakes in home,but once i saw ur recipe i thought v can give a try and it came out very well,and my kid really enjoyed ur cake, ,u r doin a great job

  3. RamyaM

    hai vijitha,
    u deserve the name “cake queen’. i didnt know baking cakes is such an easy process.asathiteenga……….will try n get back 2 u.

    1. Vijitha

      Ramya..yes, baking is easiest in cooking. Because of holiday season, cake recipes at this time..more recipes for everyday  dishes to follow..Happy holidays


  4. Manoo

    We can award you as cake rani vijitha… kalakurenga ponga… aunt is just figurin out how to use the gas oven… if the normal cake bakes well tmw, we are gonna bug her to make the strawberry cake…. will let u kno how it turns… we sri lankans have different x mas cake btw… its so new… we are gonna try this too…

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