Chow Chow Halwa

Written by S.Priya

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  1. Busy Bee

    Ada pavingala…… Oru vege kuda michamillaya…. you guys making halwa in all veges…. i remember sugan akka made halwa in bottle groud once… anyways awesome discoveries… three hearty cheers for both of u guys


    Busy Bee

  2. jlakshmi


    By just seeing this name of the recipe ( Thumbnail), I knew it could be from you. Vera yarukku Entha Mathiri different’a’ Yosikka Mudiyuthu.

    Good attempt.


  3. divya mubarak

    halwana priya dhan nu sollara madhiri irruku…super ooooo super….nice…will try whn i go back to india…gr8 recipe priya…

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