Chow Chow Curry

Written by Mullai

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  1. jlakshmi


    I made this right now, for some reason, it became bit brown, but good taste, what could go wrong in a simple dish like this, may be the ground mixture was more fried ? Ur picure podi shows so whitish, mine was brown..So how long should I fry for powders.

    Jaya Lakshmi

    1. Mullai


      Did u dry roast?? if u add oil then it would become slightly dense and burn quickly. You have to toast for few minutes over low flame, konjam light brown spots appear… avvalavu than, remove, cool and grind. Thanks.

  2. shan

    Mullai ma'am tried and taste was superb…I made bit spicy and thought of mixing with white rice, but ate the chow chow curry alone without mixing with rice…finished everything…Have to make again for my hubby…I thought chow chow is good for kuttu and sambar, but this curry tastes awesome.

     Also, i love to make my own spice powder and mix with dishes. I don't like store bought curry mix…Thanx for the wonderful receipe and flavour enhancing spice mix.

     Anyother other veggies using this spice mix ? Pls let me know. 

    Have a great day

  3. Ramya Ravichandran

    I was able to make the exact look like of the picture and was very tasty. Thanks for the fine instructions Mullai.



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