Chicken Pasta

Written by danalakshmi

am very friendly, carrying and short temper. i have one daughter and am busy with her all the times. my hubby is very supportive,he is the one to first test my recipe.



  1. Mullai

    Dhana, proud to say that our site doesn’t need a special bachelor’s category, its like mini pictorial turtoring and even a novice can become a pro in few days. Moreover never under estimate bachelors, they are better cooks too, they may start in a hap hazard fashion but resulting dish will be tastier than expected. BTW, good explanation, thanks for sharing.

  2. S.Priya

    Dhana microwavela pasta cooking very good one for starters…bechamel(milk n cheese sauce we call as bechamel sauce here) sauce supera panni irrukinga..really tempting…

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