Chicken oorukai

Written by muralikalpana


  1. sri

    Hello there,
    Can you please write the ingredients in details…Mustard seed, cumin seeds and how much of these and what else is the remaining?

  2. muralikalpana

    As the water init is fully strained and fried till golden brown and no form of water is added, there is less chanse to spoil. more over you are going to refregirate.I have seen people taking it abroad.Then I have said that not to store more than a week.Moreover Vinegar and salt are a preservative.

  3. Visitor

    Hi when i make chicken gravy , we dont eat the left over chicken the next day as they say chicken if had the next day would be harmful…so we avoid eating chicken the next day,,,how about making chicken pickle..wont that be harmful or is there any preservative?

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