Chicken Jalfrezi

Written by Mullai

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  1. parveen sharath

    Tried this recipe last nite as a side for chapathi,, came out awesome n yummy,, i had less quantity of chicken n hence i substituted with paneer… the highlight was the taste of capsicum.. thanks mullai for all ur recipes… vaazhga ungal sevai,,,

  2. Lata Gopinath

    Hi Mullai,

    Your recipe came out good, though simple as we cook normal, without much variation. Capsicum to be added only after chicken is cooked as capsicum taste will turn odd and mushy. Thanks, my daughter and husband liked it tonit.

  3. logambiga

    hi mullai, i tried this today excluding the honey….. but there was so much of water… While letting the gravy to be dried all peppers went mushy. i dont know wat mistake i made… can u suggest me something to avoid this….

  4. Manju Manoj

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried this chicken…. Thanks to u… its very good… kids liked it very much….Thxz for sharing


  5. jlakshmi


    I had plans for making peas Pulao for dinner and I have all the colored capsicum & ingredients ready, so I am going to surely try this tonight and will let you know tom. Couldn’t resist to try this right away.
    Thank you.

    Jaya Lakshmi

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