chennai fried chicken

Written by Aruna


  1. mercyusha

    Hi Aruna,

    I tried as per your instructions. I am typing this while frying, its coming out perfectly. Really a very great recipe. Thanks for such a nice recipe.


  2. abi

    Hi aruna, i used to prepare chicken in the same way . really its very tasty with some hot and sour sauce. outer crispy inner juicy….. since its not very spicy kids will love this……
    thanx 4 sharing

  3. jlakshmi


    Very tempting, so decided to make it right away. My drumsticks are already taking the 2-3 hr bath in the warm chilly water bubble mix. I have made other things also ready. Once my drumstick have finished the bath, I will dry them , apply the packs & fry them and see how it comes. Will let you know tom.


    1. abhimuthu


      Oh mullai..Ooruke saapaadu samikka kathukodura ungalukku yaar saapadu samachu kodupaa? I wish I can cook and give if I was near. Eat first and take rest..

  4. Aruna

    Abhimuthu  i think frier is good for these kind of fried chicken i tried this CFC with 325 degree for 10-15 minutes just check the colour it should be in light brown colour .

    1. abhimuthu

      Cool Aruna. we can maintain crispyness and uniformly brown since we are maintaining a constant temperature right. Will try. Thanks.

  5. abhimuthu

    Picture is tempting and name is different. Easy recipe tasty recipe I guess. Thanks for sharing. I have not used the frier, but I think it helps to maintain uniform temperature right.. Usually when I fry I always have temperature problem.. will try

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