Turai Meetah Korma

Turai is ridgegourd in Hindi,[ peerkangai in Tamil, Beerakaya in telugu] I have tried making a very mild Korma out of it which tastes slightly sweet as we dont use chilly powder in this recipe except one green chilly.This dish goes well with white rice, chapathi, puri, idly and dosas.Really worth a try. . . . → Read More: Turai Meetah Korma

Beerakaya Chutney

I made the Beerakaya pappu day before yesterday and remembered that my Mom and Mil used to make the chutney out of the peeled skin of RIDGEGOURD. I tried my MIL's version and it turned out well. I served it with rasam yesterday and it was heavenly.The left over chutney was served again in dinner with Ven Pongal..thought my hubby would scream for serving the same thing in dinner too but to my surprise he was enjoying it with Pongal.So here goes the recipe of Beerakaya[telugu] | Peerkangai[tamil] | Turai[Hindi] |Ridgegourd[English] Chutney |Thuvaiyal.Hope u will like it. . . . → Read More: Beerakaya Chutney

Beerakaya pappu

Hi all here is another mild dal variety which tastes yummy with white rice, rotis and parottas.This is made with ridgegourd in english, peerkangai in tamil, turai in hindi, beerakaya in telugu.This ridgegourd is cooked with dal.Hope u all will enjoy this dal variety. . . . → Read More: Beerakaya pappu

Ridge Gourd Shrimp Curry

Ridge gourd combined with shrimp to make this delicious curry. A very rare combination, which works out great when cooked well seasoned in the form of a peppery thick gravy. The recipe shared here is from my granny and all credit goes to her.

Ridge Gourd         ~ English

Peerkangai          ~ Tamil

Beerakaya           ~ Telugu

Heeray Kayi         ~ Kannada

Turai                   ~ Hindi

Peechinga           ~ Malayalam

Wetakolu            ~ Sinhala

. . . → Read More: Ridge Gourd Shrimp Curry

Ridge Gourd Kootu

Ridge gourd cooked with split green gram (Moong dal / Pachai Paruppu) to make a semi thick lentil gravy. Tastes good as a side with Meen kuzhambu, Kara kuzhambu or Vatral Kuzhambu varieties or even goes well when mixed with rice with a drizzle of ghee. . . . → Read More: Ridge Gourd Kootu

Ridge Gourd Curry

Ridge gourd (Peerkangai ) cooked in tomato onion gravy. (Peerkankai Curry / Beera Kaaya curry / Beerakaya Curry / Ghiya Tori / Nerua / Turai / Heeray Kayi / Luffa)


. . . → Read More: Ridge Gourd Curry

Peerkangai Thuvaiyal

Ridge gourd (Peerkangai) peel(thole/skin)thick chutney(thuvayal). Quick chutney from the ridge gourd skin. . . . → Read More: Peerkangai Thuvaiyal

Ridge Gourd Pachadi

Andhra style Ridge gourd curry, which often mentioned as pachadi. (Beerkaya Pachadi / Peerkangai Curry / Ridge gourd Pachadi) . . . → Read More: Ridge Gourd Pachadi

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