Tindora Stir Fry


Simple Tindora stir-fry with gram flour. Tindora / Ivy Gourd / Gherkin is the most infamous of all veggies, poor thing!  Somehow it has never been my favorite ,I usually hesitate to buy either considering it to be too boring or fearing the time involved in cutting. Like it takes forever!  Well I don’t . . . → Read More: Tindora Stir Fry

Kovakkai curry

A side dish for rotis . . . → Read More: Kovakkai curry

Kovakkai Milagu Eral Masala

We, in our family circle have this flair for combining vegetables with non-veggies and get to taste something unusual atleast once a week. In one way, it was good, as we consumed the dish just for the smell and taste without even caring about the veggie. Here's one such interesting combination… Kovakkai cooked with shrimp and loads of freshly ground black pepper. (Kovakkai ~ Ivy gourd, Milagu ~ Black pepper, Eral ~ Prawns/Shrimp)

Ivy Gourd     ~ English

Kovakkai      ~ Tamil

Kundru         ~ Hindi

Dondakaya  ~ Telugu

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Kovakkai Poricha Kootu

Kootu is a semi solid curry made with lentil and vegetables. Poricha kootu is made with combination of Moong dal and vegetable of your choice flavoured with fresh grated coconut.

Ivy Gourd     ~ English

Kovakkai      ~ Tamil

Kundru         ~ Hindi

Dondakaya  ~ Telugu

Koval          ~ Malayalam

Tondekayi   ~ Kannada

Tindora       ~ Gujarathi

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Kovakkai Masala

Here is a home style curry made with Kovakkai / Tindora / Dondakaya / Ivy gourd.

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Tindora Fry

Kovakkai fry / Dondakaaya Vepudu / Ivy Gourd fry

Small cute little veggie, belongs to the cucumber family and very popular in southern parts of India.

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