Kids School Lunch Box 1 – Cucumber Carrot Sandwich

This is my first post under Lunch box ideas, starting with a simple sandwich which would suit both for breakfast and lunch.

Coming up with lunch box ideas for kids is the most challenging job.. as many schools don't provide with microwaving facility. So… this category will be updated with many kids lunch box ideas (with and without re-heating), adult meal planning, thermal lunch kit, power lunches, lunch box product ideas and tips.

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Cucumber Popsicle/Kuchi Ice

I have already tried cucumber juice..its was a real refreshner, sterday i thought to make them as popsicle n turned out awesome…thirsty quencher while its too we go… . . . → Read More: Cucumber Popsicle/Kuchi Ice

Fresh Cucumber Juice

Cucumber r always very good as salads, i tried it out as juice n its really refreshing n tastes too good, kids will surely love this..whoever bored of salads can try this juice..worth to try..

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Vellarikka moru

Vellarikka moru- Buttermilk with cucumber juice.

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Cucumber Carrot Salad

Simple healthy salad to cool you up, great for lucnh box, travel and parties. . . . → Read More: Cucumber Carrot Salad

Cucumber Curry

Typically a Andhra dish made with dark yellow cucumbers called Dossakai.

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