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Gobi 65


Cauliflower/Gobi 65 is one yummy dish which is usually a starter or tea time snack, constant order in restaurants for both veg and non-veg lovers.  The recipe shared here was adapted from one of those Chef. Damodaran’s TV shows but modified to suit my style. This is one amazing dish which will have everyone . . . → Read More: Gobi 65

Kothu Cauliflower Curry

Kothu Cauliflower is similar to minced meat or kheema except its the veggie version. Finely minced cauliflower florets goes into a thick garam masala making it great side for idli, dosa, chapathi or even as a side for rice.

Tamil ~ English  , Kothu ~~ Minced

Cauliflower Kheema / Cauliflower Gothsu / Minced Cauliflower Curry / Cauliflower Curry / Konthana Kari / Kothu  kari / Curry / Cauliflower Masala

. . . → Read More: Kothu Cauliflower Curry

Cauliflower Varuval

Well, Hello my friends… hope everyone out there cursing me for not showing up… Guess what I'm not going to give that same old excuses, for a change lets put it this way… mere laziness. Hope you all will forgive me. Lets move on, here something exciting and spicy after all that damn seasonal flu we all went through… every dead tongue was craving for something healthy, tasty, spicy and of course look appealing after the boring rasam routine which i guess we had for about 5 days in a row. . . . → Read More: Cauliflower Varuval

Cauliflower Fry

Another recipe from my mom's kitchen.

Gobi fry/ gobi masala/ Cauliflower masala

. . . → Read More: Cauliflower Fry

Chilli Gobi

Chilli Gobi is an appetizer or starter commonly found in restaurant menus. This is similar to cauliflower manchurian except its extremely spicy, more Indianised. Unlike manchurian this is not a chunky or wet, this is very dry with less saucy stuff.

Chilli Cauliflower / Sauteed Gobi / Chili Gobi / Restaurant Style / Dry Indian Manchurian / Spicy Chilli Cauliflower / Cauliflower Stir fry

. . . → Read More: Chilli Gobi

Cauliflower Spicy Rice

Cauliflower spicy rice is one of the lunch box menu…who were bored of usual lunch box menu can try this..if am bored to cook, will do this dish very often coz its very easy to prepare n very tasty too..have a trial.. . . . → Read More: Cauliflower Spicy Rice

Carrot n Cauliflower rawa dosai

hi all, i have just tried out rawa dosai with carrot and cauliflower. it tastes good. kids will like it with sambar and chutney..give a try. hope u all like it.. . . . → Read More: Carrot n Cauliflower rawa dosai

Aloo Gobi Fry (Dry)

Spicy Aloo Gobi Fry.  It will go well with all variety rices, chappathi. . . . → Read More: Aloo Gobi Fry (Dry)

Cauliflower Potato Fry

Home style cauliflower potato fry. . . . → Read More: Cauliflower Potato Fry

Cauliflower Pepper Fry

Quick Cauliflower fry with store bought ground black and red pepper.

. . . → Read More: Cauliflower Pepper Fry

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