Kakarakaya Kura

Bittergourd curry without bitterness??? Give it a try and you will be surprised. This super simple Andhra speciality is a regular in our meals.

Telugu ~~ English  , KakaraKaya ~~ Bittergourd  , Kura ~~ Curry

Pavakkai Varuval / Pagarkai / Bitter Gourd Fry / Vepudu / Curry / Bittergourd Masala / Bitter Gourd Curry / Paavakkai / Kakara Kaya Kura / Koora / Kura / Cura

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Stuffed Karela

Stuffed Bitter gourd is a North Indian dish which has gained much popularity among others communities recently. There are quite a few ways of stuffing these gourds and my favorite way is to stuff them with crumbled Paneer and serve them over a bed of shallow fried onions.

Stuffed Bitter Gourd / Karela ~ Bitter Gourd / Stuffed Pagarkai / Stuffed kakara kayi / Pavakkai

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Pan Fried Karela

Shallow fried Indian Bitter Gourd prepared with an unsual tomato pulp marinade.

Bitter Gourd – Karela

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Bitter Gourd Tamarind Kuzhambu

Its a combination of  bitter gourd ,tamarind juice, jaggery and it will be very good with rice, Chappathi, idli, dosa .Its my mom in laws's recipe which I am sharing with you friends. . . . → Read More: Bitter Gourd Tamarind Kuzhambu

Bitter Gourd Curry

Here is an easy tasty preparation to include Bitter Gourd in our meal.

Bitter gourd – English / Pavakkai – Tamil / Karela – Hindi / Kakara Kaaya – Telugu / Kaipakka – Malayalam / Hagala Kayi – Kannada

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Bitter Gourd Soup

If you have diabetes, this is an ideal appetizer for you. When you’re eating too much hot and oily stuff, this soup seems to cool down your body system. It’s a great soup to add to your daily meals or at least twice a week. Wonderful recipe which I happened to learn from my mom. Use your imagination, add in a couple of veggies to reduce the bitterness and to enhance the taste. Notoriously bitter of all vegetables, so, I have added lots of ripe tomatoes (canned) to make it more like tomato soup, but not really necessary. . . . → Read More: Bitter Gourd Soup

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