Asparagus Biriyani

Hi all here is my attempt towards making use of international vegetables like Asparagus!! I tried making asparagus masala and it was a hit.Today when i planned to make vegetable biriyani, there was no beans and suddenly i thought why not asparagus in place of beans?! Tried out biriyani with asparagus and it tasted very nice , hence sharing this recipe with u all. . . . → Read More: Asparagus Biriyani

Asparagus Prawn Masala

I ve become a great fan of Asparagus and garlic chives in recent days.I bought a big bunch of garlic chives and asparagus when i found them in an offer…grabbed them happily.Now whatever i cook contains asparagus and garlic chives and that is giving a really fabulous taste to the dish that i make.I tried making prawn masala with the combination of garlic chives , asparagus and potato and it turned out to be yummy!!!Here we go!!!!!

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Asparagus Chutney

Asparagus is one veggie which is very versatile, though the appearance may look weird and rugged they always seemed humble, bowing to suit your culinary needs. If you remember, I've always compared the taste of this vegetable to that of raw peanuts… and that induced me to make this chutney, which tasted similar to raw peanut chutney with slight appearance and smell of Ridge gourd thuvayal.

Asparagus Thogayal / Chutney / Thuvayal / Asparagus Masiyal / Asparagus Dip

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Asparagus Fried Rice

Fresh asparagus caught my eyes this week at my local farmers market. Seemed like it was this weeks "Queen of vegetables", as many people started grabing those bundles and with too much of sqeaking… a sign of truly fresh asparagus, with no further hesitation quickly bundled mine. With little creativity going in the kitchen, these healthy spears always turn out absolutely delicious, leaving us with endless possibilities. Here's my latest addiction..

Asparagus / Greeen Asparagus / Chinese / Stir-fried rice / Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice

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Asparagus aalu masala

I was inspired by Mullai when i saw the Asparagus recipe and asked her how it would taste and she replied back saying it would taste like green beans.Was just thinking so long to experiment with Asparagus and i boldly took the decision of trying it yesterday with the combination of my favorite vegetable "Potato"and the final output became "ASPARAGUS AALU MASALA".I liked it, My hubby liked it [we both r fussy about vegetables]i am sure u will also like it. . . . → Read More: Asparagus aalu masala

Asparagus Pepper Curry

Asparagus sauteed in spicy pepper blend.

Asparagus Curry / Asparagus Fry / Vepudu / Thoran / Varuval

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Asparagus Paruppu Usili

Paruppu Usili is a South Indian dry lentil curry preparation. Paruppu ~ lentil, Usili ~ Crumbled is teamed with Asparagus to form a scrumptious poriyal. Asparagus ??? quite a scary veggie for first timers to inculcate in Indian cooking. But trust me… it tastes pretty decent compared to Broccoli. In my opinion,  fresh raw asparagus tastes like raw peanuts (crunchy and munchy) and cooked tastes somewhere between soft green peas and beans.

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Asparagus Sausage Stir fry

Very simple dish and taste yummy.
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Asparagus poriyal/ Stir fry

A simple side dish which is very healthy and easy to make in all seasons.
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