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Surul Aappam

Normal surul aappam is made with fried Bengal gram, sugar and coconut gratings for the filling or pooranam. This is my version, a combination of suiyam and surul aappam. . . . → Read More: Surul Aappam

Milk Coconut Burfi – Healthy version


Burfi  is a fudge like sweet usually made during Indian festivals and to celebrate special occasions. The preparation and ingredients can vary depending on the each variety… some are real easy while some test your patience.  Recipe shared here is easy as along as you stick to the steps with right ingredients and measures. . . . → Read More: Milk Coconut Burfi – Healthy version

Microwave Paal Kova


Microwave Paal Kova is one simple preparation which can be made with  few ingredients in under 30 minutes.  It can’t get any easier than this, you got to try!!!

Pal Kova / Pala Khoa / Condensed Milk Halwa / Theratti Paal / Milk Halwa / Microwave Cooking / Condensed Milk Desserts / Sweets / . . . → Read More: Microwave Paal Kova



Kakaland is one famous Indian sweet made with sweetened milk and chenna. There are lot of short cuts to this recipe but shared here is the traditional method. The whole process takes about 3 1/2 to 4 hours and needs extreme patience. Never rush, that’s the simple little secret in making this exquisite . . . → Read More: Kalakand


One quick sweet for any occasion with no chance for flops. This laddu is usually made during  Krishna Jayanthi pooja / Gokulashtami but really don't need an occasion, this can be a simple treat any time.

Pottukadalai Laddu / Split roasted gram laddu / MaaLaddu / Maladu / Maladoo / Laddu / Pottu Kadalai Urundai / Dalia Laddu / Udacha Kadalai Urundai / Odacha Kadalai Urundai

. . . → Read More: Maladdu


Tiramisu in Italian means 'pick me up'…i've been a big fan of this dessert since my first bite. My husband always wants to try different recipes at home. He was determined to try doing tiramisu atleast once at home, so i went through several recipes and made one of my version.This recipe takes atleast two hours to prepare . . . → Read More: Tiramisu


This is my own version of basundhi. Give it a try and let me know if you liked it. It turned out very delicious for me.Hope you like it too.

. . . → Read More: Basundhi

Badam Burfi

Badam burfi is one popular katli variety found in most sweet shops in India. Here is simple homemade version of this item. Coming to making perfect soft and sharp katli is quite an art and needs lot of practice. Fine grounding the nuts is one key factor which is hard to do with regular mixies… so mine will look slightly coarse texture wise. Adding milk while grinding is also another trick to grind them to a paste consistency but shelf life is limited and also mostly yields halwa like chewy bufis which I personally don't like and always powder mine after drying. . . . → Read More: Badam Burfi

Rava Appam

A very simple, easy to make and tasty appam
. . . → Read More: Rava Appam

Apple Rabdi

Rabdi is a dish made from milk which is boiled and reduced till half or less in a thick bottom pan with continuous stirring. Almost similar to our paal gova but not removed from fire before reaching that stage. And its served in various forms and with various accompaniments.

Rabdi made with yellow pumpkin, with rose essence, mango rabdi, and is also served just like that, or as a side dish with Malpuas, Jalebis, Jelly, Fruits etc etc…..

 The list is exhaustive… Try this one, simple to make and tasty to eat…

. . . → Read More: Apple Rabdi

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