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Era Varuval


Eral varuval colloquially pronounced as Era is one of the most popular south India non-vegetarian dishes.  Shared here is my mom’s style  prawn fry. She makes this scrumptious varuval with those little Indian prawns, vegetarians can pick tofu/paneer /soy chunks/Green peas.. any of these will suit for this recipe.  Even though the ingredients look elaborate, . . . → Read More: Era Varuval

Eral Keerai Poriyal (இறால் கீரை பொரியல்)

இறால் கீரை பொரியல் ~~~ Sauteed Greens with Shrimp / Prawns.

. . . → Read More: Eral Keerai Poriyal (இறால் கீரை பொரியல்)

Szechuan Shrimp

Szechuan Shrimp is chinese style food and famous for its flavour and spiciness. . . . → Read More: Szechuan Shrimp

Tofu Shrimp Curry

A box of tofu will last only for few days in the refrigerator and I'm under pressure not to repeat the same tofu preparations, so what do you expect out of me??? Adding them to regular curry preparations is what I resort to…. its sooo versatile and adapts well to any dish without spoiling the original flavour. Shrimp curry is one dish which I make at least once a week and adding leftover tofu blocks in the curry helps my family slowly adjust to tofu diet and also incorporate this nutritional powerhouse in a regular meal.

. . . → Read More: Tofu Shrimp Curry

Wonton Wrapped Shrimps

Delicious Appetizer, real feast for shrimp lovers..quite a yummy crispy appetizer prefect for any parties etc…easy to prepare too..its such a worthy crispy appetizer, am damn sure that these shrimps will be a big hit among kids… . . . → Read More: Wonton Wrapped Shrimps

Italian Flatbean Shrimp Curry

Italian flat beans r one of the variety of beans family…A light green or purple bean that is similar to a common green bean except that it is flatter in shape and broader in dimension. Very similar to a traditional string beans r green beans, the Italian Flat Bean can be substituted in almost any recipe using string or green beans. Italian Flat Beans can be eaten raw as a side dish or added as an ingredient to casseroles and other vegetable dishes. Do not overcook the Italian Flat Bean since it may cause the beans to become soft and quite mushy. . . . → Read More: Italian Flatbean Shrimp Curry

Spicy prawn fry

This style of making prawn fry is from karaikudi  tamilnadu. In our home we used to prepare this spicy prawns as a side dish for sambar. we can add it to the rice and have it just like that too….very simple preperation:) . . . → Read More: Spicy prawn fry

Asparagus Prawn Masala

I ve become a great fan of Asparagus and garlic chives in recent days.I bought a big bunch of garlic chives and asparagus when i found them in an offer…grabbed them happily.Now whatever i cook contains asparagus and garlic chives and that is giving a really fabulous taste to the dish that i make.I tried making prawn masala with the combination of garlic chives , asparagus and potato and it turned out to be yummy!!!Here we go!!!!!

. . . → Read More: Asparagus Prawn Masala

Shrimp Okra Sambal

Sambal is a condiment used in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and some parts of Southeast  Asia, usually made with variety of Chili peppers. This has got numerous varieties and varies with every region. My preparation is a fusion style Sambal / Sambol covering traditional taste. Most Indonesian sambol includes shrimp paste or dry ground shrimp and I've substituted with fresh ones. You can also use store bought sambal paste.

Okra Sambol / Shrimp Bhendi Udang / Sambal Olek / Prawn Okra Curry / Shrimp Okra Curry / Ladys finger / Indonesian / Sri lankan / Malaysian

. . . → Read More: Shrimp Okra Sambal

Shrimp Kebabs

Shrimp kebab was a big hit here, very easiest appetizier n very delicious…Can goes well with party n also for dinner with simple salads…Did with skewers can be a very interesting for kids to have this appetizier with lots of fun..really worth to try..

Grilled shrimps/Shrimp Skewers/Barbecued Shrimps/Grilled Pepper Shrimps

. . . → Read More: Shrimp Kebabs

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