Two Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake


This Valentine’s Day mix yourself up some love, whether you have a sweetheart or not. Have yourself a lovely little mug cake, remember your favorite cake is only 3 minutes away, day or night. Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

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Nutella Truffles


If you haven’t tried a product called “Nutella”, you need to go out and get some today.  It’s s a little … rather say quite addictive. This creamy spread is made up of hazelnuts, cocoa, and skim milk which goes well on a toast usually but many times a spoonful goes straight from the . . . → Read More: Nutella Truffles

Microwave Paal Kova


Microwave Paal Kova is one simple preparation which can be made with  few ingredients in under 30 minutes.  It can’t get any easier than this, you got to try!!!

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Low fat Microwave Potato Chips

Deep fried potato chips contains a large amount of saturated fat(from oil+potato), which is a serious health risk. This recipe has less fat since it doesnt involve deep frying.

So dont hesitate,Go on for these guilt-free potato chips!!!

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Achaari Bhindi

Lady finger is a powerhouse of nutrients and a boon for those who are dieting…. Slight variations can make this veggie taste completely different… Spicy, tangy and yummmmm……. . . . → Read More: Achaari Bhindi

Microwave Okra

Simple , quick, easy, crispy and definitely tasty !! Oh boy ! it disappears in minutes…, use it as an accompaniment for rice or as a starter or just as a simple snacking item.

Microwave Bhindi / Microwave Vendakkai / Okra / Microwave cooking / Bachelors recipes

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microwave halwa

this is famous in tamilnadu.

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Kalakand (Milk Burfi)

Kalakand(milk burfi) is one of the popular Indian Milk sweet, can do this  in two ways, one is  fresh paneer  with powdered sugar n powdered milk r else with sweetened milk..another one is with ricotta cheese n powdered sugar n milk..i did this milk burfi within 20 minutes in Microwave with ricotta cheese, yeah can do this sweet in microwave very easily..u wont believe that its tasty n similar to pedas that we get from sweet stalls.. Its a real feast to Milk sweet lovers… . . . → Read More: Kalakand (Milk Burfi)

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