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Brain Fry


Most people are turned off  with Brain Fry or curry. May be its got the most bizarre “brainy ” look or its a little too much for some of them to stomach, although for others like me it sounds completely natural.  Well, if  you can cast away with that weird thought then you get to . . . → Read More: Brain Fry

How to Freeze Curries & Gravies – Freezer Friendly – Ready to Eat Indian Dishes

Used well, a freezer can be a cook’s best friend, as useful as your oven and cook top. There is nothing more comforting after a long, hard day, than coming home to a delicious, homemade meal and these easy-to-freeze recipes do double-duty for your dinner now and later.  This is a very useful thread for . . . → Read More: How to Freeze Curries & Gravies – Freezer Friendly – Ready to Eat Indian Dishes

Side Gravy for Biryani



Most restaurants serve a  free side gravy as accompaniment for biryani which taste  ridiculously amazing.. We usually get these in small portions packed in tiny cartons and enjoy licking every last bit of it.  I was trying to replicate something similar and ended up with this recipe which I can guarantee  restaurant quality. . . . → Read More: Side Gravy for Biryani

Mutton Sukka

The term sukka refers to any dry fry. Here in this recipe goat meat(mutton) is being used with spicy masala powders to make this inviting dry fry. This is our family sunday speciality and most of the time it never makes it to the meal table as they will dig in while its still frying in the kadai.

Mutton Chukka / Mutton fry / Dry fry / Sukka / Sukke / Goat meat / Lamb / Dry curry / Kari varathathu / Varutha Aatu Kari / Kadai Mutton / Chukka

. . . → Read More: Mutton Sukka

Poriccha Kari

Poriccha kari is a very spicy gravy made out of mutton. It is a very simple preperation….Try it out… . . . → Read More: Poriccha Kari

Chettinad Mutton Kuzhambu

Chettiinad Mutton kuzhambu is a very tasty dish. this is very good side dish for rice and parota also. . . . → Read More: Chettinad Mutton Kuzhambu

Mutton a’la Ponnuswamy

Ponnuswamy is a chain of restuarants in chennai serving fabulous southindian non veg dishes. Their mutton sukka and biryani are to die for. Since my in-laws live in royapettah we frequent the one on gowdia mutt road. The oldest and the very first.

I tried to recreate their mutton…..

. . . → Read More: Mutton a’la Ponnuswamy

Madras Mutton Biryani

Biryani has always been a festive dish at home.  Any kinda occasion, biryani holds the king position.

The madras style of making it involves cooking the mutton and rice together incontrary to the popular way of doing it in layers.  This is the biryani I cooked yesterday and it came out really well.

. . . → Read More: Madras Mutton Biryani

Mutton n Brinjal Gravy

Mutton n brinjal Gravy goes well as side for Chappathis, parathas as well as steamed idlies n Crispy Dosais, i learned this from my French friend but i changed this gravy according to my taste n with our spices..give a trial friends.. . . . → Read More: Mutton n Brinjal Gravy


Kheema is basically minced lamb meat curry, a traditional dish of Pakistan also popular in Northern Indian Sub continent. Especially in Punjab these are steam cooked and fried in the form of Kebabs or made in the form of chunky curry topped with boiled potatoes and green peas. . . . → Read More: Kheema

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