Fried Fish in Dark Soy Sauce

This recipe is very simple and can prepare quickly.  I'm sure you would love the taste.  If you are preparing for kids, you can reduce chili powder or need not put at all.

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Shrimp Okra Sambal

Sambal is a condiment used in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and some parts of Southeast  Asia, usually made with variety of Chili peppers. This has got numerous varieties and varies with every region. My preparation is a fusion style Sambal / Sambol covering traditional taste. Most Indonesian sambol includes shrimp paste or dry ground shrimp and I've substituted with fresh ones. You can also use store bought sambal paste.

Okra Sambol / Shrimp Bhendi Udang / Sambal Olek / Prawn Okra Curry / Shrimp Okra Curry / Ladys finger / Indonesian / Sri lankan / Malaysian

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Roti Canai

Roti Canai is a popular Malaysian style fried bread similar to our Kerala style Parotta. Flour, eggs, milk and loads of fat mainly ghee or margarine is used to give a flaky texture. The process is similar to our Parotta but with extra ingredients which alters the taste and texture. Another popular version from Singapore is called Roti Prata, similar ingredients and process except for the folding. Roti refers to bread in Malay. . . . → Read More: Roti Canai

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