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Schezwan Spaghetti


 A simple Indo-Chinese- Italian fusion dish which can be whipped up in minutes to jazz up your weekend dinners. I’ve used Chings brand All-in -one and Schezwan  sauce.

Schezwan Pasta / Sichuan Pasta / Szechuan Pasta / Indo- Chinese / Fusion / Italian / Pasta




Ingredients 1/2 pack Spaghetti 1 no . . . → Read More: Schezwan Spaghetti


Tiramisu in Italian means 'pick me up'…i've been a big fan of this dessert since my first bite. My husband always wants to try different recipes at home. He was determined to try doing tiramisu atleast once at home, so i went through several recipes and made one of my version.This recipe takes atleast two hours to prepare . . . → Read More: Tiramisu

Italian Chocolate Almond Torte

Tortes are moist European style flourless cakes made with ground nuts. Original recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef takes off, but had to adjust or alter certain items as my pantry was not well stocked. A simple moist nut based cake with drizzle of warm chocolate definitely kick starts the holiday mood.. give it a try!!

Italian Chocolate Torta / Torte / Moist Cake / Pistachio / Almond Chocolate cake.

. . . → Read More: Italian Chocolate Almond Torte

Pepper Chicken Pasta Toss

Angel hair pasta tossed with colorful vegetable jalfrezi and peppery chicken. Some kids luv carrying noodles for school lunch and this could be one good alternative to try it warm or cold.

. . . → Read More: Pepper Chicken Pasta Toss

Pasta n Creamed Veggies

Pasta with plenty of veggies cooked in low fat cream tastes awesome…kids will love it..this is one of the typical style of preparing the pasta by the Italians..a complete main dish can be served with any choice of salad.. . . . → Read More: Pasta n Creamed Veggies

Pasta Gratin with vegetables

Hi all i learnt this recipe recently from one of my vegetarian freinds and found it to be really very tasty.Thought of sharing it wid u all.The recipe is called Pasta gratin.Gratin means "crusted." A dish that goes into the oven and comes out with a crusty top.To make a crust for a gratin, cheese, breadcrumbs, white sauce are used on different types of dishes.I have used Pizza cheese and white sauce with pasta and vegetables.Have alook at my recipe.I have adjusted things according to my taste and this is purely my way of making "Pasta Gratin"
. . . → Read More: Pasta Gratin with vegetables

Chicken Pasta

Pasta is an Italian food made from a dough using flour, water and/or eggs.

There are approximately 350 different shapes of pasta. . . . → Read More: Chicken Pasta

Cheesy fingers

Cheesy Fingers…made with mozzarella Cheese, its a cheesy, tasty appetizier for kids n adultes, can be also a starters before pasta r else evening snacks with ketchup, Whoever loves cheese will fall in love with this fingers..Mozzarella cheeses r soft, quick melting n really tastiest one..worth to we go.. . . . → Read More: Cheesy fingers


Today , I felt like having pasta for dinner with tons of cheese. Just browsed through the food network site for the recipe . There is always Racheal Ray's 30 minute recipes , bubbly and cheesy like her and ofcourse can be made within 30 minutes. After making a few changes to the original recipe , here is my version of the pasta dish ! . . . → Read More: PASTA WITH CHICKEN SAUSAGE


Focaccia is an Italain soft flat bread topped with veggies and herbs. Baking is not my kind of thing, but surprisingly this one turned out pretty perfect than I expected. Here are few shots from a daring novice baker. . . . → Read More: Focaccia

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