Work Lunch Box 2 – Tawa Pulao


Tawa Pulao is a simple rice preparation  made over a hot tawa with rice smothered in butter, mixed vegetable and Pav bhaji masala, also a popular Mumbai street food. Well, I’ve never been to Mumbai nor tasted this dish but was inspired to try after watching Chef Sanjeev Kapoor making it.  Turn your leftover . . . → Read More: Work Lunch Box 2 – Tawa Pulao

Work Lunch Box 1 – Make-Ahead Lunch Wraps


Whew,  Its Monday already??? I know how the weekend flies by and we all carry this pathetic face on those monday mornings, struggling to fix multiple things. This simple healthy make-ahead lunch-wraps are  perfect for those kind of days!!  These are perfect to go wraps for work or school lunches, as they stay good . . . → Read More: Work Lunch Box 1 – Make-Ahead Lunch Wraps

Rasam Chutney

Ever Wondered what to do with the residue of Rasam? i always hate to throw the away the pieces of tomato/garlic/red chillies etc that are left at the bottom of the vessel.

Here is a way to make it useful

. . . → Read More: Rasam Chutney

Masala Idli

The infuriating thing about cooking is that sometimes you cook more than you need because you never know exactly how to allocate for each person and this gets worse if you have guests. We get overwhelmed with thoughts of running out of food and end up making more. So, definitely bound to have leftovers. And if there's any king of all leftovers, then it would be none other than Idlis…. . . . → Read More: Masala Idli

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