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Vankaya Pakodi Kura

Vankaya Pakodi Kura is a traditional Andhra dish made with brinjal and deep fried besan fritters often served during wedding or other special occasions. My recipe is slightly contrary to the original recipe, as the original calls for deep frying brinjal pieces.  Its upto you, either deep fry or saute… whichever you choose the final dish will still look good and taste great.

Telugu ~~~ English    Vankaya ~~~ Brinjal     Pakodi ~~~ Gram flour Soft Pakodas / Besan Fritters       Kura ~~~ Curry / Stir-fry / Poriyal / Saute

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Bendakaya Vepudu

Okra is my family's all time favorite.. and never had a chance for leftovers. This recipe is one among them, little spicy with crunchy crushed peanut finish.

Telugu ~~~ English   ,   Bendakaya ~~ Okra / Ladyfinger  , Vepudu ~~ Dry stir -fry

Bendakaya Fry / Okra Fry / Lady's finger fry / Vendaikkai Varuval / Poriyal / Bendakaya Curry

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Kakarakaya Kura

Bittergourd curry without bitterness??? Give it a try and you will be surprised. This super simple Andhra speciality is a regular in our meals.

Telugu ~~ English  , KakaraKaya ~~ Bittergourd  , Kura ~~ Curry

Pavakkai Varuval / Pagarkai / Bitter Gourd Fry / Vepudu / Curry / Bittergourd Masala / Bitter Gourd Curry / Paavakkai / Kakara Kaya Kura / Koora / Kura / Cura

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Vankaya Pachadi

Simple delicious pachadi with purple brinjal. Good with plain white rice topped with generous amount of ghee. Lip smacking tasty.

Telugu ~ English ,  Vankaya ~~~ Brinjal /  Egglplant , Pachadi ~~~ Chutney / Ground Paste / Thick pickle like gravy / Curry

Vankaya / Vaankaya Pachadi / Pacchadi / Vankaya Tomato Kura / Kura / Koora / Vankaya Curry / Brinjal Chutney / Kathrikkai Thuvial / Thuvial /  Masial

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Murukku takes many turns with every region and culture. Here is an Andhra speciality… murukku is called Janthikalu in Telugu and they always make theirs very hot and spicy. This recipe is similar to our thenkuzhal preparation but made with gram flour instead of Urad flour along with some additions.

Murukku / Spicy Janthickalu / Chakli / Deep fried Snacks

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Madatha Kaja

Madatha Kaja is a famous sweet item from Andhra, quite similar to our Badusha except involves little extra rolling and folding.

Madatha Kaaja / Khaja / Madata kaja / Kaja roll / Madatha Kaja / Andhra Pradesh / Telugu / Desserts / Sweet Rolls / Sweet Maida Kaja

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Vankaya Batani Vepudu

Vankaya Batani Vepudu is one scrumptious Andhra Style vegetable dry curry. Its their speciality to include either one or multiple legume in simple vegetable curries making it highly nutritious.

Telugu to English:: Vankaya ~~ Brinjal , Batani ~~ Dried Green Peas , Vepudu ~~ Dry Stir-fry

Vankaya Batani Curry / Vatana / Pattani Kathrikkai Varuval / Thoran / Dried Peas / Dr Split Yellow Pea / Pachai Pattani / Usal / Matar

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Chepa Pulusu (Andhra Mess Style)

Chepa Pulusu is a tangy fish gravy famous in Andhra Pradesh. (Chepa – Fish, Pulusu – Tangy Tamarind gravy) This preparation is similar to our Tamilian Meen Kuzhambu but very spicy made with plain red chilli powder which gives that nice red colour to curry.

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Moong Dal Punukulu

Punukulu are little crispy fritters from Andhra region, often had as a tea time snack or even as a breakfast item in some parts. These are kind of inbetween bhaji and bonda, as the exterior looks golden and crispy, the inner portion tastes soft and chevy. Would be right to call it Moong Methu Pakora.  (Moong Dal Fritters / Pesara Punukulu / Moong Dal Pakodi / Moong Dal Bhaji ) . . . → Read More: Moong Dal Punukulu

Chepa Vepudu

Just another simple fish fry recipe with a tinge of Andhra taste. Chepa- Fish, Vepudu- Fry.

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