Carrot Rice

Written by Ramya Ravichandran


  1. jlakshmi

    Hi Ramya

    It was very good, those peanuts (grounded) gave a nice flavor to this dish , wasn’t sweet at all and was really very good. Fast and healthy pack lunch. I guess we can do the same with other veggies like shredded Cabbage, Grated Potatoes etc. I think the Peanuts is the plus point here..

    Anyway thanks for this simple dish. BTW your list did not say Onions, but instructions says to add Onions, I still chopped Onions finely and added them.

    Jaya Lakshmi

    1. Ramya Ravichandran

      Thanks for pointing out that I missed onions in the list. Happy to hear that the dish came out very well and you enjoyed it 🙂 




    Hi Ramya,
    After seeing ur submission of carrot rice I remember my first recipe the same “CARROT RICE”(ofcourse the version differs)submitted to this website. I will try ur version seems interesting adding peanuts.

  3. aarthu44

    Hey ramya…

    gud quick unique dish!!no one has come up wth such a dish before..

    but tel me one thing,wont the dish taste sweet because of the carrots??


    1. Ramya Ravichandran

      Thanks for writing back. No adding the right amount of carrots for rice does not make it sweet. Try it and you will know 🙂



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