carrot dosa

Written by Aruna


  1. Visitor

    Hi Aruna, When my son was 2 years old (he is 5 now) he never used to eat any veggies, dosa was his favourite. i used to grate carrots, cabbage, simply mix them into the dosa batter and make dosas. easy way to make kids favourite food(dosa) nutritious.

    Your recipe will be very useful. Good job!
    Deepa Manimudichozhan

    1. Manoo

      Hiiiii My mom also makes thosai like that… coz we dont like few veges. naaaaa most veges. You can also add beetroot, fried onions – curry leaves – fennel seeds, finely shopped spinach. Can make kutti kutti thosai with different veges as kutti thosai attracts even adults like us, so kids would love them :D:D:D

      You can use idlis also to mix veges. Here you go for the link: Idli Varieties

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