Carrot Almond Sago Kheer

Written by S.Priya

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  1. m.viji

    priya kheer looking yummy,if u add pista in this i will name it “independence day kheer” b’coz u’ve added national flag colors in this except green,carrot for saffron,sago & milk for white,missing green ha…ha..

      1. nishaazoobi

         fried sagoo and waited for it to pop…but it never happened. atlast tried making kheer with fried sagoo….it was more horrible…all the sagoo dissolveed in water and it was a perfect javvarisi kanji. i d ve better boiled raw sagoo separately and added in kheer after draining, it ud ve saved my energy as well patience!

        idea of frying sagoo dnt work for me priya!

        1. S.Priya

          Nisha i used nylon sago for this recipe..which will be transparent slightly white once they r heated they will get popped..i think u might have used white coloured tiny pearl sago?? maavu javuarusi"nu solluvanga atha use panni irrunthu irrupinga, they r usually used for making vathals…

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