Capsicum Poricha Kuzhambu

Written by Mullai

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  1. deepika

    The description of the recepie is really good any layman can understand.. I am going to try this recepie today. This gravy and egg bonda..I am sure it will come good. still keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  2. Ambal

    Mullai, am a new visitor to your site…All the dishes looks great and inspiring.We make bottle guard and chow chow kootu in the same way. Haven’t tried it with capsicum. Will try today for dinner.Thanks for the delicious recipes and wonderful presentation.



  3. sudha.dilip

    Mullai, I tried this for dinner last night.. It turned out great !! My hubby concluded that this is the best dish that i had ever cooked !!! Thank u so much !!!

    1. Mullai

      Sudha, poricha kootu are always little special… as coconut goes into it. Try the same recipe with different veggies like.. Ridge gourd, Cabbage, Bottle gourd, Mixed vegetables, chow chow and even greens too. Definitely head over heels… assured. Thanks.

  4. jlakshmi


    Try Panniten today for lunch. Very good. Capsicum gives a diff. nice flavor for the kootu. Well done.


    sat. I am going to try ur venkaya vepudu…

  5. anithashankar

    Wonderful dish, in thanjavoor they add poritha vengaaya vadagam to the kuzhambu just before serving which gives a pleasant aroma to this kuzhambhu.

  6. Cappuccino

    Looks tempting ma’am, will try today itself and let u know the outcome. Ofcourse ur presentation looks awesome

    Have a great day

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