Calamari Fry

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. Vijitha

    Dear Manoo..
    R u Sagala kala vallan. All the best for ur exams. Hmm you r right. U can try with shrimp and all kinds of fish specially mild fish.Shallow fry it instead of deep fry.I have tried with whiting fish. It will taste yummy. VIJI

    1. Manoo

      Hii Viji,

      Thnk you – exams nxt week only. he he… And why tat sagala kala vallan…Btw, male is sagala kala vallavan and female sagala kala valli…. he he…. Its 5.30 am.. not feelin to slp… scratchin my head with past papers… time to time relaxin on spiceindia… dont kno when mam gonna shout at me… take care… No seefood items postin till i finish exams pls ;0;0;0




  2. Manoo

    Anney Viji,

    Do you have to post it today only after my aunt left. My favourite one yet forgot after coming to m'sia. Amma used to make with 2 or 3 kilo cuttle fish. We are foodie family … he he.

    You are reminding me my favourites when iam havin exams…I cant even try :(:(:(

    Try with those big sprat fish… Add some roasted curry leaves and fry…or fry and put lot curry leaves….  Prawns also taste good in this method….  even u can fry big fish… but have to boil and use…. Its better if you boil prawns too before frying…. 

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