Cabbage Vada

Written by lajo


  1. Suganswami

    Cabbage is very good for those who want to reduce weight. Cabbage poriyal is a fav of our family. Would like to try your cabbage pakoda and this. Is there any reason that you didn’t add onions to both of these? I would like to add, latha…


      Onions can be added sugan, I have given this recipe bcoz without onion also we can try like this recipes and  person like me who is lazy in cutting onions can also go for it, I like onions ,but gets crazy to cut in a lot, anyway did u see in tips cutting onions without tears ,now I try this method

  2. rajkumar

    sorry latha , just now i came across ur other postings too. extremly sorry , i withdraw my previous post

  3. rajkumar

    hai latha cabbage…sorry! Latha MN i want to u to post some thing esspecially from ur andhra style but not with cabbage again. thank you


    Thanks kaberi, Pls prepare it and definitely give ur comments on this recipe.
    You mean “Surakai” pachadi ,sorry ma I dont know the recipe

  5. kaberi

    hey latha excellent recipe and mouth watering too Smile.i will definitely prepare the way do u know the recipe of sarakai pachhadi?

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