Brocolli cheese

Written by Aruna


  1. Aruna

    see in Asia and europe it is called as Capsicum .capsicum have a various names depending on place and type. They are commonly called chili pepper, capsicum, red or green pepper, or sweet pepper in europe. Capsicum in Indian English(kodai milagai) and Bell pepper in the US. They are called paprika in some other countries .But in general  paprika refer to the powdered spice made from various capsicum fruit. 

    Long molagai is jalapeno / chilli pepper /or green chilly

    Capsicum /Bell pepper is kodai milagai


  2. hiru

    as far as i know, paprika is the BAJJI MOLAGAI (the long PACHAI MOLAGAI like chilli) while capsicum or bell pepper is the KODAI MOLAGAI (the round gundu chili)…

    na solradhu correcta aruna madam?…

  3. Aruna

    Paprika is different from red chilly powder ,its a spice made from the grinding of dried sweet red bell peppers. if you want ur dish more spicy you can add red chilly powder instead of paprika .

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