Broccoli Cream Soup

Written by S.Priya

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  1. m.viji

    priya i made this. it came out very well & really taste is delicious we both liked it….why u’ve added raw rice, is it for the stickyness or to enrich the soup? can we add oats instead of rice…but rice potathala antha pisupisupu & taste is good. but i didn’t get the green color as in ur picture…. i left the veggei.. for 1 whisle. i think b’cose of this reason only that green color vanished.thanks for sharing this……

    1. priyasudha

      Hi Viji,

      Thanks a lot, as u told i added rice to give stickyness to the soup, i never tried with oats,give a trial n let me know viji, but can replace the raw rice with potatoes, broccoli can cook very easily, no need to put in pressurecooker, neegha sollura reasone than, pressure cook pannura pothu certain veggies will lose their colour..glad that u liked it..



  2. priyasudha

    Here, we get it from every departmental stores, near to pasta's sections r dehydrated soup section…marks such as knorr,maggi n kallo produce these veggie stock cube..Hope this will help u Deepu n Shan.

  3. DEEPu

    Wow Priya,

    very nice recipe. Can u tell me whr we get veggie stock cube? pls let me know other than this recipe whr we use veggie stock..


  4. shan

    Priyasudha, couple of days back i posted the receipe request for Tomato and Broccoli soup…Thanx for posting…Would like to try.

    BTW, where can we get veggie stock cube ?

    Have a great day

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