Brief Break

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Mullai

    Dear friends,
    Thanks a bunch for all your wishes and concern. Break was good and comforting, had a wonderful time.. little of everything… family fun, relaxation, miscellaneous housework, my little ones school 101… and of course catching up few good recipes. Though website was monitored during this break, some of your comments weren’t replied due to lack of time and apologize for the inconvenience. Here I’m with full throttle to make it up. Thanks to members for their wonderful recipe contributions.


    1. dblakshmi

      Hi Mullai,

       Welcome back!! 

      Hope the break has given you a lot of energy to experiment and explore new receipes.  It is so exciting to be a member of SIO family. 

      The reciepes are very good and adding to that is the presentation and your photography skill is excellent.

      Keep up the good job! Mullai.

       I admire you!.  How do you manage home management + SIO ? I would appreciate if you will give me a few tips.

      I do plan my things in advance, say deciding the menu previous day, making list of things on the post it slips as and when i get reminded, cutting, cleaning veggies the day before, time table for house cleaning say bedroom 1 day, bathroom on wednesday, kitchen at night, browsing in between, checking mails and reminding my hubby for payments, school schedules, my demanding needs of two kids.

      I feel i am running between all of this. i know a lot of reciepes but i dont find time to click my food and post my reciepe,  I assume everyone has more or less similar chores at home, i also feel that you have administered and excelled in this. give me a few tips.

      awaiting your response. sorry if this is time consuming. 



      1. dblakshmi

        Hi Mullai,

        Pls. take time to read this and reply me.


        Let us all share tips on home management. 

        awaiting your feedback,



  2. seema

    Have a nice break and come back with your as usual wonderful attractive recipes Mullai…have a nice time. waiting for ur coming back!!!

  3. jlakshmi

    Have a wonderful Summer Hols Mullai. You need that break !!! Come back with more info / posts / recipes for us. Regs Jaya

  4. Divya Pugazhendy

    Bon Voyaje Mullai… Enjoy ur days with ur family! We’ll be waitng for ur posts on ur return…both ur recipes and ur experiences on the vacation!

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