Bread sandwich

Written by muralikalpana


  1. muralikalpana

    It tastes good with cabbage semi cooked with a dash of pepper.Instead of meat,shredded chicken can be added.Even fresh tomatoes with cheese spread can be used as a filling.Try and send your comments.Bye.

  2. shan

    Radhika, exclude the meat part instead include mixed veggies like carrot, beans, green peas, cabbage even tofu and paneer suits this breadsanwich that’s how i will make everytime but everything should be finely chopped while using for sandwich and cook before filling into the breads. I used to make even with Maggi noodles combined with spicy egg poriyal as stuffings 🙂 You could also stuff our regular side dishes like veg-poriyal, fry likewise…it depends on the creativity and taste…

    I guess sandwich maker will give the good finishin b’coz all the 4 ends will be sealed while using it orelse it looks like the simply toasted bread as we toast in our Dosa Pan


  3. Radhika suresh

    hi can u say how we can make this without using meat,because my husband do not take meat.can we make this using Toast-r oven.i donot have bread toaster.

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