Boondi Laddu Recipe – Boondi Ladoo recipe – Diwali Sweets

Written by Mullai

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  1. Jaya Lakshmi

    I have to admit that I have made 6 batches or even more. Each year/time I go over the ingredients and list . Every time it comes so perfect, I feel so proud after seeing my bright laddoos. I really dont know much to make sweets, but after this recipe ladoo is always in my list, even for our house grahepravesham I made them and was appreciated by everyone.
    My husband owned a restaurant and even the chef there appreciated this. All credit goes to Mullai, I am her long time follower . iss one of my home page tab, That much I dont want to miss any new postings.

    Happy Diwali wishes to all.

  2. Athira

    Hi Mullai… I am an year 12 VCE student… for my food technology this year we have to make a folio of 6 foods and I chose Boondi Ladoo as one of my production. we had to take pictures thorough ou the productions but i lost all my pictures for may i please use your pictures. it would really help me 🙂

  3. Tamil

    I tried the same..but the syrub became sugary and I grinded half of boondhi in mixie then I added with the full boondhi it came very well it is very tastly…The grinded boondhi are fried untill it became red and now it looks like tirupathi laddu and it came 75% like tirupathi laddu…good..

    1. Mullai

      Wooo hooooo, look who’s here!! Oh yes! i wish the same and would be glad if served right now. Glad to see your comment and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Swathi karthic

    hi mam…i tried out boondi laddu….it turned out very well…tastes better…thank u so much mam……i like all ur recepies very much….

  5. samosa

    I made the laddu and the boondi turned out perfectly. Then I put them in the sugar and they crystalized very quickly.. The first 5 laddu turned out ok but the last few would not hold together. the sugar seemed crystalized. I thought that I had a one string consistancy. Could it be that the boondi was sitting in the sugar for too long? Could I fry up the boondi first and then add the whole boondi to the sugar? Also the last laddu I made appeared very dry….What do you think?

  6. Leemustan

    Hi Mullai Aunty,i hope u don’t mind me calling u aunty,i am very young n want to respect u tats y i am calling u like that. I am a user only from past two days and i prepared laddu,it turned out really good.Thank you so much.

  7. bvani

    Hi Mullai,

    i made laddu last saturday and got loose laddus. also laddu had sugary coat. dont know why.. is it bcoz of sugar syrap i made wrong… give me tips

    1. Mullai

      Sugar crystallization will take place after an hour of making laddus, anything before that means your syrup is too thick or mutriya paaku. (probably has reached two string consistency). This make the boondis crystallize soon and it will hard to mould the laddus. BTW Tirupati laddus will have the same procedure but guess the boondis will be fried in pure ghee instead of oil. No clue as to why they look brown.

  8. m.viji

    Hats off u Mullai!!!!!!!!!!! very nice presentation & no words to say,steps are very good, i can realize how much effort u put in this much clear photos & steps oh…………. really itz ur hard work.

                   Unggal boondi muthukalai varnekka,varthai muthukkal  patrathu….

  9. Priya kamatchi

    Hi Mullai…Its awesome…You seem to be a perfection to the core…good work…kepp it up and keep on continue ur work…with the help of your recipie,lots and lots of family are enjoying yummy dishes…

  10. Lakshmiganesh

    Hi mullai….here is a small tip to get better boondis….always only tap the boondi karandi and never wipe the flour paste with another spoon and always clean the lower side of the boondi karandi before moving on to the next batch as the left over paste of the previous batch also spoils the shape of the boondis…these are the tips given by my MIL …..

  11. jks

    hi mullai been out of touch for long.had been to chennai for an urgent trip and going to melbourne june 25th to spend with my daughter's semester hols. I want to thank u for ur perfect measurements of kaju katli and after two sessions i mastered family is all in praise. and just now was seeing ur ladoos.dedicated work.will try them wen i am back.will be back in aug only but have to go chennai again to give company to my son who will be back from cruise for his vacation.keep up ur gud work. wud luv to meet u.

  12. seema

    Awesome Mullai…This was one recipe which I was longing, especially from u. Tks, gr8 step to step instructions, good work Mullai.

  13. shalinivenkatesh

    this is simply awesome mullai……..
    wanna just grab one frm the pic and pop it into my mouthhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..


  14. abi

    Excellent mullai… r rocking…..nice step by step explanation….thread consistency pic really nice…..good effort

  15. M Divya

    Mullai, yennaku yenga amma nyabagam vandhuduchu….she used to prepare laddu like this…look awesome…sugar testing supera explain panni irrukinga…..lovely laddus
    Divya Mubarak

  16. rinkyuma2002

    Mullai, Your cooking style is mind blowing …..your explanation is excellent mullai. I am a regular visitor of your site, tried many receipes from mullai's kitchen.Keep up the good work of sharing receipes like these for ever.

  17. Divya Pugazhendy

    Hi Mullai,
    Very good explanation for novices! Why should we buy sweets from shops then!!! Hats off to the great cook…Mullai!!

    1. Mullai

      Kavi, a tsp of rice flour will not make it crispy. Its not a must but I do bcos it gives nice texture to the boondis. You know.. we need light airy texture inside the boondi too and rice flour helps with it. Thanks kavi try pannitu solunga…

  18. S.Priya

    WOW single thread consistency pic kalakuthu..I’ll do the same way as u did, just i used to add nutmeg powder half a tsp while soaking the boondis, this will give a nice aroma…excellent…Too tempting..

  19. abhimuthu

    Chance e illa.. Great presentation and step by step pictures and procedures are excellent.. This is my favorite request recipe. single thread consistency e miss pannve mudiyaadhu since u have picturized exactly. You made my day.. I consider Ladoo is the mother of all sweets. 😉

    1. Mullai

      Abhi, yes you're right !! it is the mother of all sweets and hope I've done the needful. Capturing string consistency was heck a lot of work, with camera on one hand and syrup on the other… literally walking up on a tight rope. Slight shaking could turn my picture blur and a minute missed will crystallize the syrup… and to add more a door bell buzzing… from mail man. Wish I could clone myself!!!! But my final product turned quite an addictive and really glad about that. With an extra hand at home it won't be that difficult to make this so give it try before deepavali.

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