Bhatura Recipe – Homemade Chana Bhatura – How to make Bhatura?

Written by Mullai

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  1. umav

    Hi Mullai,

    Thanks for your reply. I tried the Batura and they came out AWESOME!!!! They were very soft and like the ones we get in restaurants. I usually make puri’s using Maida but these were softer than those.

  2. suja

    Dear Mullai,
    Can we use all purpose flour that we get in american stores instead of maida for this recipe? Will it affect the outcome?

    1. Mullai

      Suja, most Indian stores sell all-purpose as maida… but but there's slight difference between both. Maida is double refined looks almost white in colour… if you can figure out the difference then you're good if not try bleached all-purpose from American grocery stores. Regular unbleached all-purpose will yeild rubbery texture. Thanks.

  3. Citra

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried Bathura sterday. It came exactly the way we have in restarents. Thanks. I have tried ur Navrathan kurma, Gobi manchuraian. They have also turned out good. Keep it up

  4. preetirawat

    Hi Mullai,

    Do you have the recipe for Chholle on your website. If yes can you send me the link… if no.. pls try and give us one.. i am sure that will be superhit too…


  5. preetirawat

    Hi thanks for the recipe.. This is my favorite dish, i have been trying to locate restaurants that serve chhole bhature but there are none.. will try this soon.. thanks for you efforts.. appreciate it..

    1. Mullai

      Hi Gigi, they will stay crisp for few minutes after frying, that too only the upper part, the lower portion will be always soft and strachy, generally will puff up while frying and goes down after a while, making it soft. It won't stay crisp for ever and will turn soft after 10 minutes. Your question surprises me!!

  6. newsweetwaves

    hi Mullai

    I have tried most of the receipes in this website everything is absolute delicious my cooking skills has really rocketed since using this website for cooking especially a lot of your receipes thanks so much they all come out with great perfection thanks so much for making so many stomachs happy. innaikku channa bathura try pandren except i am using self raising flour without baking powder we will see how it turns out its long weekend here for us so having guest over so pakkalam yenna soldranga nu and ungallukku post pandren comments yellam idhuvaraikkum yellam exceptional comments thaan so from usa to australia unga pughazh parvukkiragdhu thanks

  7. Valentine

    I love u mullai…You are really great !!! No women can make such a varieties of receipes…Receipes all over the world !!! Great to see your website and u made it.

  8. shan

    Mullai ma’am, I forgot to add Baking soda while i made the dough for Bhatura. It came out fluffy and disappeared in seconds b’coz of my mistake…But the taste was excellent as they made in Restaurants. Will try next time with baking soda.

    Thank you so much for your excellent receipe…

  9. shan

    Mullai ma'am going to make this for today's dinner. Just prepared the dough and kept it for fermentation to make Batura's. Also preparing a Channa masala as a side for Batura's (my style channa). Will let you know the outcome tonight – shan

  10. Ramya Ashok

    Channa Bhatura combinatn s perfect mullai.lng time i’ve been postpong ths n atlast made it strday.i got the bhaturas puffed up, but not to the full like poori.i m not sure whethr ths s the right texture for bhaturas.And for channa i used tomato puree rather than normal tomatoes.puree colour was dominating…but the taste s excellent..thanx for making our food a feast all the time.

    1. Mullai

      There isn't much difference except for the size and thickness. Bhatura looks thicker, inflates and chewy. Chole Puri is usually made very big, inflates like a balloon and sometimes made with equal quantity of maida and wheat flour.

  11. jlakshmi


    I have just kneaded the dough for dinner ( will keep it for 5 hrs) and lets see how this is going to be ? will let you know tom..

  12. kankal28

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried the Bhatura yesterday, but I was not satisfied with the outcome. I had actually altered the recipe for a cup and a half of maida . When I fried it , it didnt puff up as much as I expected. Otherwise the taste was similar to what we have in hotels in Chennai. I expected a thin crispy crust which I did not get. I followed your procedure from start to finish. Can you tell me what could have gone wrong ???

    Thank you

    1. Mullai

      For best results, 1. dough has to be kneaded well, just mixing won't work. 2. Minimum 4 to 5 hours dough needs to be covered and set aside. 3. Deep fry over medium high flame, by pressing gently in the center. Thats all I do, no magic!! and it works. As you can see from my picture, its puffed up with golden crust. Better luck next time.

  13. Yuthi

    Hi mullai,

    Bhatura innum nalla uppi thaney irukkum..ungalkitta ethavathu tips irukka athu mari kunda seiyarathu…enakkum ulla poituthu oila iruthuvelila edutha..if anyone kows share it

    1. Mullai


       It should puff up when you deep fry. Those photos were taken 20 minutes after the whole procedure and that the reason they look flat. But actually they will look puffed up. Dough has to be set for 4 to 5 hours, ellana athu ezhumbathu. While deep frying, you should press the center to make them puff up. Better luck next time.

    1. Mullai

      Sugan, not too sour… only if you use sour curd. I've just used regular curd at room temperature to make it active to ferment the dough. Actually you would see for yourself when you deep fry the bread, the inside part will look like a sponge giving nice soft and chewy texture. Try and let me know. So… innaiku dinner bhaturavaa????

      1. Suganswami

        Innikku illa, pa. Invited a North Indian friend tomorrow for dinner in whose place I had a really good Bahatura. So, Thirupathikke Laddu kodukkalamnu irukken, unga thunaiyoda. Thanks for your reply. 

      2. Suganswami

        I could prepare it just today, Mullai. It puffed up really well. Felt like sending photos… I used all purpose flour instead of maida. I didn't get the golden brown colour, though. Because of all purpose flour?

        And a common doubt. Whenever I use all purpose flour, I feel rolling is not comfortable. It is kind of rubbery and not spreading properly. Any solutions? 


    Dear Manoo,
    For puri we use wheat flour and make puri within few minutes we dont allow to ferment ,but for bhaturas only maida is used and fermentation is compulsory, hope this helps u

    1. Manoo

      Hiiii akka, was typing msg to you regarding songs download… but net crashed… anyways thanks akka… many ppl expalined the difference between atta, wheat & maida… i always get confused.. only know the brown flour – is atta… we have only wheat flour back home. so wat is that maida & wheat…sorry always get confused… pothatharku en homie also confused…one indian gal here with us… take care akka

  15. Manoo

    Ithukum purikum enna different. I remember once when i was kid i was crying a loud at the server that he fooled & gave poori but naming it as bhatura. he tried to explain both a bit different. even the hotel owner uncle. but i didnt stop crying neither i ate tat day….was just silly…

  16. Radhika suresh

    hi mullai it looks like batura in restaurants.will try and let u know.will u please give me recipe of poori also because iam not getting it properly.

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