Beetroot Pulao

Written by Mullai

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  1. kavi_vicky

    Hi Mullai, The taste was really out of the world (I was not expecting it to taste so fantastic). It was toooo gooood and my kid loved it very much Innocent. Thanks for posting such a good healthy and colourful recipe.

  2. menita

    I have been trying to find out what I can do with the beets i have in my ice-box. This seems perfect! i cant wait to try.


  3. jlakshmi


    Where on earth are you having all these wonderful ideas ? Now its become a habit for me that the moment I sign on my work, this web page is on one of my tab and I make sure that a minimum of 1 recipe from here is tried in my kitchen. U Simply ROCK Mullai. I am sure your family is so gifted to have u a ” Nazha Pagam Samaiyal Expert “.

    Thanks for all the wonderful efforts and keep it up !!. The pictures and presentation are the BEST FEATURE of this web site.

    Jaya Lakshmi

  4. jlakshmi


    When U cook the rice with Beet and Veggies, ( Yogurt & water) won’t the entire rice change its colour to ( beet’s color), I am bit worried, if so then can the rice be precooked and cooled, ( Make the Veggie gravy as per your recipe and cook the veggies with beet) and then finally mix them all. I don’t know , may be I am wrong,

    Jaya Lakshmi

    1. Mullai

      Ofcourse this pulav would look light purple, the proportion given is for 2 cups rice and your using just a medium size beet, cannot turn the entire pulav red. Its half cooked before its actually mixed with rice, as you are sauteing for few seconds over the stove. I've made clear that only beet juice and grated beet tend to mess and with cubed beets its not that instense. Your suggestion also works, but you know… its all a matter of time, just pop everything in the rice cooker and it will be ready in 15 minutes.

  5. mercyusha

    Was planning to cook carrot rice today, after a very long thinking. By that time you posted this recipe, mullai recipe paathathukku aprom vera enna second thought, doing this for our lunch now. Thanks for your timely post. Asusual hope this will also come out good. Thanks again.

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