Beans – Egg Fry

Written by Busy Bee

Absolute Nut


        1. Manoo

          Yea potato needs a bit more oil if not using non-stick pan. Cut potatoes into thin – one inch long pieces & use .

          Same goes to carrot. Cut into thin – one inch long pieces & use.

          Cauliflower also can be used i guess but i have not tried…Why dun you give a try…

          Btw, I make carrot, beans, potato & green peas with egg. It also taste good… Those veges wont be hard coz of adding egg. :D:D:D Pls do let me know if you happened to try it. Have a good day

    1. Manoo

      Nice to hear kids liked it. You are a bean fan is it. You tried both my beans recipes…. he he…. I make it and just have with white rice too. With you add a bit more pepper you wont need side dish. My favourite dish. Goes well with bread and puttu too….

  1. Visitor

    Hai,I didn’t try this recipe.I want to try this.but i don’t know when i put the pepper,onion,.u didn’t mention that.can u please tell me that.thank u

    1. Manoo

      Hi Visitor,

      Extremely sorry for forgetting onion & chilli. I have mentioned to add pepper to egg. Let me know the results. Thank you

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