Written by roshu


  1. varshini

    I tried today but it taste like bread basunthi.. Just i add very little bread. It doesnt taste like restaurant basunthi .. Can u help me to get ..

  2. Visitor1

    Can you please tell approximately how long you simmered the milk mixture before and after adding the sugar? Just to get an idea. Would really like to try it.

  3. Ratna A

    Hi roshu,

    I made Basundhi today and it is so so good. It is my Hubby’s bday on monday and i am making it as a surprise sweet for him since he loves sweets. In the meantime my kids and tasting and they love it. Thanks a lot for this sweet dish.

    Ratna A

  4. vijipurushoth

    Plz Let me know whether heavy whipping cream is the same one which we use for gravies and also about evaporated milk.

    1. roshu

      Heavy whipping cream is different from the fresh cream we use for gravies. We can get it in grocery stores. Also evaporated milk is different.It comes in a small tin.

  5. Ratna A

    Wow! I love Basundhi and have been looking for this recipe. This looks simple and easy. Will surely try it and let you know. Thanks.

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