Banana nut cake

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. nila

    hi viji,i made ur receipe today,tastewise it is gud.but top layer of the cake was burnt and it was little sticky like toffee.i used only less butter .is that because of that?

  2. jayasri

    hi im jayasri, i try this banana cake its very tasty..and nice also. but inside the cake color is not like that ur post.. just like brown color. may i know the reason? i bake 45 mins and 350f

  3. shobanavijay

    Shobana Vijay

    Hai vijitha,

    today i made ur cake..i did everything jus like u said, i did everythin n i baked t for 45 mts…but my cake is not baked inside a bit, in general, cake will b soft and baked rt, but my cake is not like that..can u tell me y it is like this??

  4. priyahere

    hi vijitha…Ur cake recpie turned out very gud was soft n tasty…well this is the first time i m bakin a cake n really happy it came out well.. so thanks to u .

  5. abigail

    Dear Vijitha,

    Your cake came out very well.We just couldnt resist the aroma
    of the cake that we had the cake hot.Thank u so much for this wonderful recipe!!


  6. Suganswami

    Looks so yummy, Viji. My son doesn’t like the snacks; no, basically most of the store-bought from here. Will try this sometime…

    1. Vijitha

      Sugan kandipa try this.. Very simple and delicious. No need of mixer. Just a spoon is enought to mash the ripe bananas.. very simple..VIJI

  7. udvi

    Hi vijitha, Even my name is viji,whenever i tried to write comments it shows as existing users. today i prepared this it really turned out very well,really wonderful,longing for this recipe so long will buy whenever i see in the grocery stores. excellent. Thanks, udvi(viji).

  8. RajiHari

    Hi Vijitha

    This is a woderful recipe. I have a oven in my home which I haven’t used much. Thinking of preparing this cake with cream (As I am veggy too 🙁 ). Can you clarify weather to use single cream or double cream? And one more doubt what type of vessel can I use to bake cake’s (Iam a new oven user)

    Thanks in advance

    1. Vijitha

      Hi RajiHari

      When baking this cake you can use aluminum baking pan or non stick baking pan. Or else you can get aluminum foil baking pans in baking needs section or else you can get the same in dollar shops too. Just use and throw it. That makes your work easy.Smile

      There are so many diff types of oven. So if you have instructions how to use oven just go ahead and read it.

      Regarding cream i have no idea about single cream and double cream. I use milk cream. You can find that in all shops. If not first try without any cream. You wont find much difference when the banana is ripe. Hope this helps you.


  9. Sudharavi

    hi vijitha, I am very fond of cakes ,i do eat shop bought cakes n cookies with eggs( invisible….) ,i never prepare and eat egg(visible..haha) items .So if u know any cake recipe without egg plz post(then i can prepare in my house) ,or if u know any alternative in this banana nut cake instead of egg plz let me know .anyways nice post vijitha,we r vegetarians,and in my family egg also not vegetarian ,though it is veg (scientifically). Now though i fond of cakes ,i can't use egg, bcoz i raised like that,…i think u got it.anyways thank u vijitha u posted a very nice and mouth watering recipe. i usually buy this banana nut cake and u tempted me to buy.

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Sudha,

      I can tell you one thing, I tried this recipe one time without egg, The taste is a bit different from the original one.Other than that everything was fine. Next time i substitute the egg with ¼ cup cream.But at that time i reduced the butter to 6 tbsp. That was better than the earliest trial.As you have seen,  this recipe just contains 1 egg. So you can easily avoid that or substitute it. Even i love cakes and cookies very very much.Hope this helps you and makes you happy.Smile


    1. Vijitha

      Hi mullai.

      Now i'm comfortable with the procedure.Mhum tempting? Thanks for your comments. Will be happy to get comments from you after trying this recipe. Smile.


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