Banana chappathi

Written by kaviarun


  1. abhimuthu

    Thanks for this superb recipe. Different and easy.
    I am going to try tonight for my daughter. Should the bananas be ripe? I think the more ripe it is the more tasty it will be right. Ok.. will try and let you know.

    1. kaviarun

      Hi abhi, i usually try with ripen banana, but i's not neccessary to make with ripen banana. u can try in any stage….thank u.

      1. Suganswami

        Kavi, some more to share; I prepared it after my son slept. I was not at all sure that he would have this. 'Coz he didn't like once when I tried appam with banana..ย Wanted to try, though. To my great surprise, he liked it very much and took the samething for lunch,too,ย leaving the one I already packed.ย Thank you for this kids friendly recipe..

        1. kaviarun

          You are most welcome sugan. Very happy to know that ur kid liked this. The same thing happened to me when i made first time. Thats why i mentioned it's kids recipe. Thanks.

  2. Vijitha

    Hi kavika.. Good recipe.. I usually make this when i have left over banana’s. As i said i like banana’s. Akka adding a pinch of cardamom powder will give little more flavor to this dish. VIJI

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