Banana Bonda

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. divya mubarak

    nalla sweet bonda thanks vijitha tried it out today for evening snack..supero super….jus want to share the pic i took…bondabonda

  2. priyasudha

    Tried sterday for snacks..really it was tasty…i just added 2 tsp of roasted rawa..its was excellent…no wonder its vanished within a few minutes..

  3. Suganswami

    Now it’s my fav..Viji..My Mom used to make it with wheat flour & jaggery… My MIL used to make it with maida,rava & sugar..Whatever is the combination sweet bonda will be getting voted by me…

  4. kaviarun

    Hi viji, Made it y’day. Very sweety. I do remember my MIL made this when i was in India. Almost more than half i ate it. I think she added little rava too.
    And urs came very soft,i think banana makes it soft.Thanks for ur nice recipe. We liked it. Take care.

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Kavi akka. Good you like it.  I want the sweets to be very sweet and the spicy items to be very spicy. Extreme level.Ha ha.  You can add rava also to get the crispiness. If you want  even more softness you can add a pinch of baking powder too. To make it hard add more flour. VIJI

      1. Manoo

        Hiii Viji,

        Talk abt it. My level also like urs. I can stand extreme sweet & spice. Btw, I am a sapatu rami. Actually, my family is. So, 24 * 7 cooker will be on back home. Do your exams well. Then we will catch up ok. God Bless,


  5. Manoo

    Vijiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (in high pitch)

    How are u…. We call this as vazhaipazha paniyaram. If its as same in india ppl mention it too as banana bonda/ vazhaipazha paniyaram. some ppl add half red raw rice. freshly ground one. Btw, Just a suggestion… without adding banana we make something called vaaipan…. do you also make it?

    sometimes i feel like its not cooked inside. so i slice them in 0.5cm, dip it in sweet batter (flour, egg, little bit of coconut milk & sugar) and deep fry it. I call it vazhaipazha bhaggi. Dont know if something exist. but it taste good. you can fry jack fruit too in this way. I bugged mom to make with mango too. she forced herself to try but uthikichu.. haha..

    watelse, now you can post sea food recipes.. Romma too much illa….enna saiya vaal konjam athigam. Its so cool to have you all… Just like a family..without knowing each other we are so friendly too. thanks to mam…take care,

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Manoo.

      You have tons of recipes in you hand i think. OMG even i'm very happy to have friends like you.Now ur exams are over and my exams are gonna start. Hmm.

       Manoo my mom used to make one other recipe using plantain. Just cut the riped plantain exactly half(vertically) and stuff inside with soaked aval/poha and grated fresh coconut mixed with sugar. Then dip the banana into the maida batter(maida, sugar, water, cardamom, yellow colour) and deep fry that. Oh my God it will taste heavenly.

      Among fruits i like only banana, cherry, mango and apricot. So trying different recipes using that. VIJI

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