Baked fish

Written by Aruna


  1. foodluver

    Hi Aruna,
    i tried this recipe yesterday and it turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing such a easy, healthy and time saving recipe.

  2. Aruna

    hi everybody you can use any fish for this dish like tilapia, mackerel , catfish , tuna , salmon …but do check it occasionaly when u r baking and set the right  temperature .

  3. tornadodevil

    Hi Aruna.. Thanks for the receipe.. It looks awesome..could u please tell me which fish would be good for this method of baking??

  4. Aruna

    hai dhanalakshmi no need to turn the fish since u r gonna cook it in the conventional oven and the fish will get cooked in both the sides so no problem .

  5. danalakshmi

    hai aruna
    it is a nice recipe
    i have a question
    whether we have to turn the fish or it has to bake at one side
    feel like trying this weekend


  6. rashmisasi

    Excellent Way to eat Fish..It is a good idea to Bake rather than Deep frying..Health Conscious..Good Job.Will try it soon.

  7. Aruna

    ya abhi ,Fish is a good source of protein and doesn’t have the high saturated fat like other meat and also helps to reduce heart disease so its always good to have more fish with little oil

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