Badam Kheer

Written by kaviarun


  1. shan

    just tasting it and writing to you Kavi, this time also yummy…Badam kheer is one of my favourite, thanx again for ur excellent receipe.

    1. kaviarun

      Trust me shan, today i thought about u and ur previous comment, because i made badam kheer today. Wt a surprise i opened website & saw the msg. Ya, its my favorite too. Thanks a lot for trying again.

  2. shan

    Dear Kavi, I’m done with my Badam Kheer. The taste was awesome. I just added a pinch of kesari color to get the color of saffron. Waiting for my hubby to give a surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m cooling it to refridgerate. Thanx kavi…for ur kheer receipe

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