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  1. ranjanivinod

    hi sadhana i love badhusha very much thanks for posting this recipe….i have seen many people using curd in this recipe…do u know anything about using curd?

  2. selvivaish

    dear sadhana
    i tried this bahusha with butter instead of ghee and thouh i added a pinh of baking powder it started falling apart in the oil. is it compulsary that we have to add ghee only. it will be a great help if u answer this.

  3. care


    i tried this badusha sterday exactly same quantity and method u demonstrated.

    As soon i as fried the balls it strated falling apart in oil, scattered into pieces.

    the taste was really awesome, but i cudnt get it into as a whole

    Where did i go wrong.

    when i prep the dough i used same amounts u specified and fried immed after making balls. the balls also looked exactly like urs in the picture shown. But dunno why after frying it fell apart,

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      HI Care

      Glad that the taste was good… i guess u have not sprinkled enuf water when u knead the dough… this cud be the reason for the badhusha to break during or after frying.Good luck.

      Sadhana Raveen

  4. kaviarun

    Sadhana, just finished badhusha…i got very soft badhushas & taste was excellent….but the first batch doesn’t cook well inside…from the second batch i got it. Thanks.

  5. Divya Pugazhendy

    Hi sadhana, tried ur badusha along with my mom’s idea. It was very good. With the remaining syrup, I made another sweet. Thanks!

  6. srivarsh

    Thanx Sadhana, i like Badhusha very……….much sapdanum pola irukku.i try it & tell u.once again thanku very much.

  7. EatHealthy

    Mullai, I am a long time visitor of your website. You do a nice work here. If you don't mind,I would like to politely say something. Why do I see so many deepfried,cheesy,sugary recipes these days under member contribution . It used to be good when sujatha,kalpana were there,they posted some healthy stuff. I see that new members are more in to posting a new recipie everyday as a competition. I sometimes feel that it should be a really healthy competition, where they can encourage readers to eat healthy by posting more good stuff. Eventhough they have good cooking talent, I don't find it appreciative, and even under comments section for recipes,these days I see comments only from repetitive ,same members. Are they posting to please their friends , are they in to some kind of worst competition? I wish my favourite spiceindiaonline comes out of this.

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      Hello My dear freind Eat healthy

      I really appreciate u being frank in sharing ur views.Your suggestion about eating healthy and posting healthy recipes would be definitely taken.I do share whatever i cook daily on this site not because i want to compete here wid my friends, only because of the  Main motive of this website is to share and learn.I hope this makes u clear why we post recipes here.And posting comments on the recipes of other members is to encourage them i dont think u wud know wat encouragement would be as i see that when 100s of people post encouraging comments , u r the only one who discourage people and their spirit by posting such comments.Look in to this recipe u will know where u stand.And even if we post cheesy sugary recipes , it doesnt mean that we ask the members to have such recipes daily afterall we make such recipes once in while.Hope this clears ur doubt. I would leave the rest to Mullai to answer.

      Sadhana Raveen

      1. EatHealthy


        This is not discouragement, its my view. Since you post recipes in public open forum like this, you should be open to accept all type of comments. If you feel discouraged by what I've said, I can't help. Also, I am not pinpointing you, all am just saying is that ,everyday there are many fried food recipes,cake recipes are coming up, and am concerned about the readers who would fall a victim to the fantastic picture of the food posted and might start cooking those unhealthy food. It is true that so many websites which post exclusively cake and cheese included recipes ,but I donot think spiceindiaonline is one such. As I was worried about the health of the readers, I posted this ,that too I think was not offensive. Sorry if it hurt your feelings.

        I am not here to fight ,afterall…

        -over and am out!

    2. Mullai

      Hi there, this website accepts all kinds of recipes and every recipe shared by member is approved by me. Totally disagree with you saying all the recipes are loaded with fat and sugar.  Our members take effort to give equal weight-age to all categories and added a very good authentic collection which are hard to find in other sites and I owe them my sincere thanks for sharing such great recipes.

      Opinion and taste differ with each individual and arguing doesn't take us anywhere. Every recipe has its own pros and cons and would suggest you to go with a wise decision. Every individual deserve the right to share and pick, nobody is imposing or inculcating specific food habits here. This is a common platform to share and learn recipes and as an adult you choose what is right for you.

      This topic is closed for further discussions, if any gets deleted by admin.


    1. Sadhanaraveen

      Thanx Sathya yenakkay therila , i just realised that the badhusha was looking blank without decoration thats why tried doing this. Glad that u liked it.

      Sadhana Raveen

  8. abhimuthu

    SAdhana, Cant resist temptation to eat after seeing your decorative badushas. What is the consistency of the sugar syrup? like one string consistency or as you mentioned we should take the sugar syrup before string consistency? ..Thanks!

  9. preethika

    Looks very tempting Sadhana…how long should we boil the sugar water mixture? coz i overdid it last time and the syrup kind of solidified 🙁

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      Hi Preethika

      Thanx.U should allow the sugar water to boil untill u get one string consistency.

      Sadhana Raveen

  10. Divya Pugazhendy

    Sadhana, as the first step…my mom used to beat ghee/dalda, baking powder and pinch of salt together to make a cream and then add flour. This makes the sweet puffy… Hope this will work too!

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      Hi Divya after posting this recipe i browsed to see how the other recipes are and found what u have mentioned ,,will definitely try ur way next time..Thanx

      Sadhana Raveen

  11. Sudharavi


    It’s a perfect choice for all the sweet lovers. So tempting ,nice presentation.Thank u sadhana for all ur effort.

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