Aviyal – Kerala Style

Written by Cappuccino


  1. soniaganesh

    Hi Shan… Good to hear people like Kerala Aviyal and thanks for posting it… Iam from Kerala and I want to add that usually we never use English vegetables for this dish. Only red pumpkin, ash gourd, raw banana, yam, drumsticks, mango, green pumpkin. Beans, carrots spoil the authentic taste of the dish… I understand if outside India its difficult to get these veg but even with abt 3 of those vegetables it turns out yummy…. Plz try with Indian veggies… Its just my input…

  2. Vidhya Karthik

    EXCELLENT RECIPIE…….Will try it today and let u know…cud i use frozen drumstick for this?

    1. shan

      Hi Vidhya,

      Ofcourse, you can use frozen drumstick for Aviyal, first thaw the drumstick and split it into two-halves (lengthwise) for more flavour.

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