Aval dosai

Written by kaviarun


  1. Cappuccino

    Kavi, i have one doubt: dosa batter ferment agumaa ? b’coz we are adding only 2 tsp of uradal or will it be good if making dosa’s immediately after grinding ?

    Would like to try dear. Waiting for ur reply.

    All ur receipes are inviting…

    Have a great day

    1. kaviarun

      Hi Cap, idli batter mathiri ferment aagathu (double the amount aggathu)…..slight-aa thaan pulippu varum….konjam pulikkatha normal dosa mathiri irukkum…thanks.

  2. abhimuthu

    Arisi vikkara vilaikku aval ku maaridalaam pola. you dosai looks similar to normal dosai. Thanks for sharing.

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